Lindblad Contingency Plan

For National Geographic Antarctica Direct operated by Lindblad Expeditions, a Contingency Plan is in place for those cases when weather conditions require that the flight day of operation is modified from the itinerary. The purpose of the Contingency Plan is to provide travelers with a flexible travel experience that adapts to the weather conditions and to provide an opportunity for a refund of the cruise fare in case weather conditions prevent clients from reaching Antarctica.

2024-25 & 2025-26 Seasons

Contingency plan for Antarctica flights

A contingency plan is in place for cases when weather conditions require modifying the flight date from the itinerary between Puerto Natales and Antarctica. 

Arrival to Puerto Natales: On Day 1, guests should arrive at the hotel in Puerto Natales no later than 3:00pm local time in the event the charter flight to Antarctica needs to be moved to your day of arrival due to inclement weather. Lindblad staff and DAP Airlines continuously monitor weather conditions, and they may move the outbound flight to Day 1 to mitigate delays on your expedition. A refund will not be issued to guests who miss the charter flight due to an arrival into Puerto Natales after 3:00pm. We strongly recommend avoiding tight flight connections. We also recommend booking a flexible airfare.

Contingency plan for Antarctic flights from Puerto Natales to King George Island

Outbound flights to Antarctica: Between Day 2 of the itinerary and until 2:00pm on Day 3, every effort will be made to safely transport passengers to Antarctica. In cases where such measures are not successful, the daily program described below will be applied:

Day 2:  Lindblad staff provide guided tours of Puerto Natales, where guests can learn about the culture and history of the Indigenous people or, alternatively, enjoy opportunities to watch for Andean condors, or hike the region’s stunning terrain. Breakfast and lunch will be included dependent on the time of the flight departure, as well as accommodation at the same hotel included on Day 1 of the itinerary. 

Day 3: If Lindblad Expeditions is unable to transport passengers to Antarctica by 2:00pm, the trip will be interrupted. For guests who book their flights via Lindblad Expeditions Air Department, rescheduling assistance is provided. No other services or meals are included. Lindblad Expeditions or, if applicable, the traveler’s booking agent will refund the passenger 100% of the cruise fare paid for the expedition.

Contingency plan for Antarctic flights From from King George Island to Puerto Natales

If there is a delay on the flight from Antarctica to Puerto Natales within the scheduled day of disembarkation, passengers on board the ship will continue cruising to nearby places until the return flight to Puerto Natales is authorized. All standard onboard inclusions and shore excursions will apply. The Puerto Natales arrangements (hotel, farewell dinner) will still apply. 

If your flight from Antarctica back to Puerto Natales is delayed overnight, your tour in Antarctica will be extended, with onboard activities, excursions and meals included. Guests must depart Puerto Natales on arrival, which will necessitate changing their onward flights, unless they have made their own accommodations in Puerto Natales. Guests who booked their air through the Lindblad Expeditions Air Department will receive assistance with rebooking. Guests who made their own flight arrangements are responsible for their own changes. 

Outbound flights from Puerto Natales onward should be scheduled to depart no earlier than 3:45pm (or as late in the day as possible) on the final day of the trip. Guests may also wish to book an additional hotel night on their own in Puerto Natales (following the included night) to allow for increased flexibility. We encourage guests not to plan any independent extensions or tours for the day after the trip in case of delay. 

In cases where the flight from Antarctica is delayed overnight, the trip will end at the Puerto Natales airport. No refund will be extended for any reason whatsoever, and no hotel accommodation nor airport transfers will be provided.

This is an expedition in the truest sense—flexibility is key. The primary goal with the contingency plan is to provide an engaging and comfortable travel experience while adapting to the weather.

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