Caves Branch Jungle Lodge

Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is surrounded by the tropical jungle, caves and caverns, underground river caves, Maya ruins, burial sites and ceremonial centers, indigenous wildlife and ancient mysticism.

Caves Branch Accommodations

All accommodations are completely screened to give you a comfortable and bug free environment but wide open to the symphony of nature. With torches burning throughout the night, casting an eerie glow across the jungle, the babbling river and the cacophony of night creatures, settle in for a good night’s sleep and wake early to the sounds of the jungle coming to life. More rustic jungle cabanas combine double and single beds for versatile use. Full washroom facilities are located outside the cabanas with modern toilet facilities and warm water “jungle showers” shrouded in leaves. Four cabana suites have a furnished front patio, washroom with hot and cold running water shower and toilet, hard wood and terra cotta tile ceiling, and a wrap around veranda.