The common area at the Mountain Lodges of Peru in the Lares Region for trekkers, with tables, chairs, and well-positioned windows to maximize the view.
A bathroom is attached to one of the rooms at the mountain lodges in Peru's Lares Trek region, with a vanity, rolled towels, and a toilet.
The vanity with a sink and rolled towels in bathroom, adjacent to the bedroom, at the mountain lodges in Peru's Lares Trek region, with a vanity, rolled towels, and a toilet.
A bedroom with a queen-sized bed and glass doors that open to a veranda at the sustainable mountain lodges in Peru's Lares Trek region
A fine dining meal at the mountain lodges in the Lares Trek region is plated with Peruvian ingredients like quinoa, potatoes, fava beans, unique chiles and other flavors associated with Peru's exceptional cuisine.
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Mountain Lodges of Peru – Lares Region

Mountain Lodges of Peru operates two distinct lodges in the Lares region and the Sacred Valley of the Incas (Lamay Lodge and Huacahuasi Lodge), along one of its adventure routes to Machu Picchu. At the end of each day, you will be greeted by local staff offering hot beverages and warm towels. At each lodge, enjoy hot showers, gourmet meals, select wines, goose-down bedding, massages, WiFi, outdoor Jacuzzis and highly personalized service (including overnight shoe wash).

Mountain Lodges of Peru Lares Lodges Review

AdventureSmith Explorations’ review of the Lares region lodges includes a detailed description and photo gallery. Our adventure travel experts have stayed at these boutique lodges firsthand and can help compare Mountain Lodges of Peru with other best Machu Picchu tours and lodges on our many Peru tours.

Choose the Lares region lodges for their focus on comfort, warmth, superb service, Peruvian Andes roots and a welcoming atmosphere that lets guests feel like friends of the family.

Design & Sustainability at the Lares Lodges

These mountain lodges have brought together traditional Inca building techniques and sensitivity to the surrounding environment with all the comforts of home, to create the feeling of being in a large, high-end Peruvian home. Constructed from stone, adobe, wood and straw, the lodges feature abundant color, texture, vegetation and well-positioned windows to maximize the visual experience and create a warm ambiance. The lodges are designed to optimize energy efficiency, utilizing sunlight and natural ventilation together with state-of-the-art insulation techniques to minimize the need for heating. High-performance solar and space water heaters contribute to this ecologically minded concept. 

Mountain Lodges of Peru feature operations focused on sustainability. Reusable snack bags and water bottles, as well as use of bulk dispensers, help guests to reduce single-use plastic waste. Water is treated at each lodge, enabling guests to drink right from the tap, avoiding the need for plastic bottles. All cleaning products are biodegradable. Composting is practiced at every lodge (except for Wayra and Lamay, where food is given to the animals of the local communities). 

Community Development at the Lares Lodges

Mountain Lodges of Peru was chosen for National Geographic Traveler’s “Leadership in Sustainable Tourism Award” in 2015, recognizing it for “demonstrable leadership and innovation in preserving and communicating an authentic sense of place through a wisely managed tourism program” via the efforts of its nonprofit social and environmental responsibility arm, Yanapana Peru. Yanapana Peru works to reduce extreme poverty in the Andean Highlands and to promote responsible and environmentally conscious tourism. Conservation efforts include solid waste recycling, fauna and flora trails and reforestation, as well as collaborative projects focused on the health of transport animals. Mountain Lodges of Peru also partners with local communities to provide healthcare, education, employment, farming support, weaving workshops, clothing and more.

Common Areas at the Lares Lodges

Every lodge has a lounge/common space that’s either tied to the dining space or located on a separate level, so there’s always a place to gather. WiFi is available at these lodges, but connectivity can vary depending on weather conditions and usage.

Dining at the Lares Lodges

Many meals at these mountain lodges feature Peruvian ingredients like quinoa, potatoes, fava beans, unique chilies and other flavors associated with Peru’s exceptional cuisine. Special dietary needs can often be met with advanced notice.

Breakfast is served buffet style with options such as breads, cheese, yogurt, granola, cereals, fruits and juices; there is also a full range of made-to-order options from the kitchen like eggs and bacon. Snacks are laid out every morning at breakfast for guests to reload their reusable bags (provided at the start of the trip). Common snacks include fresh fruit, trail mix, cookies, nuts, hard candies and granola bars. 

Guests can expect three courses at lunch and dinner, even on the trail, unless the itinerary indicates a boxed lunch. Meals are usually plated and generally include a soup or salad followed by meat, chicken or fish with vegetables, rice or another side and dessert. A pizza night at Kuychi Rumi is commonly offered for dinner one night, making use of the lodge’s wonderful outdoor pizza oven.

Accommodations at Mountain Lodges of Peru – Lares Region

Rooms at each Lares region lodge offer one king or two twin beds, with select options for triples. Biodegradable soaps and shampoos are stocked in each bathroom.

Lamay Lodge

Located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in the town of Lamay, this lodge sits at an elevation of 9,705 feet (2,958 meters). Unique to this lodge is its yoga room, which provides space for guests to practice self-guided stretching or relaxation techniques. The communal fire pit provides a special gathering place for guests to socialize. Lamay Lodge’s resident alpaca are a treat for those who want to spend time with these docile, traditional Andean creatures.     

Huacahuasi Lodge

Located in the Lares region, in the local community of Huacahuasi, this lodge sits at an elevation of 12,585 feet (3,835 meters). Huacahuasi Lodge is extra special as it is run in joint venture with the local community; the community owns the land, and Mountain Lodges of Peru built the lodge. This lodge aims to protect the cultural heritage and the environment of Huacahuasi, providing an interesting insight into the evolving role of the original Andean people in both the culture and commerce of modern-day Cusco. Every room features its own private whirlpool tub for ultimate relaxation while taking in the surrounding mountain views.

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