Turneffe Flats, an ecotourism resort on Belize's Turneffe Atoll, is recognized as a saltwater fly fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and marine destination. 
Turneffe Flats island from above looking down on various buildings on the beach.
A overhead view of Turneffe Flats Lodge with trees, island and blue water.
The Garden Villa at Turneffe Flats with red roof and small porch on second floor.
A man fishing while standing in the water in front of the Turneffe Flats lodge.
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Turneffe Flats

Turneffe Flats has long been recognized as a premier saltwater fly fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and marine ecotourism destination. 

Turneffe Flats Accommodations

Located on Belize’s Turneffe Atoll, the largest and most biologically diverse atoll in the Caribbean, Turneffe Flats specializes in superior service for a limited number of guests. Awaken in your air-conditioned beachfront cabin to an incredible tropical seascape of white sand beach, tranquil bonefish flats, lush mangroves and the surf breaking over the reef for miles in either direction. Watch a spectacular sunrise from your veranda and when night falls, the stars look close enough to touch.

Turneffe Flats Activities

Turneffe Flats is ideally located to enjoy all of Turneffe’s 250 square miles of expansive flats, healthy coral reef and remarkably rich marine habitat. Adventure packages are available that include the many wonderful things to see and do at Turneffe. Turneffe Flats has evolved into a diversified marine ecotourism destination with many exciting activities available for guests to enjoy. World-class snorkeling is a highlight of a stay at Turneffe Flats with a variety of different snorkeling opportunities available. More than 60 bird species identified on the Turneffe atoll. Looking for West Indian Manatees or Bottlenose Dolphins is exciting and fun. Learn the fascinating history of the Turneffe Atoll beginning with the Maya, who fished and traded on the Turneffe Atoll as far back as 400 A.D. to the pirates of the Caribbean who used Turneffe as a favored hideout. Join a Belizean cooking class or just relax in a hammock under the coconut palms. The Atoll Adventure Guides are informative and fun, and the 25 foot boat is your base for exploration – allowing you access to all of the wonderful marine ecosystem. Staying at Turneffe Flats is a flexible experience which is adapted to the desires and abilities of guests on a day-to-day basis.


Meals are a tasty combination of Belizean and International dishes served family-style. Fresh seafood, local produce and home-baked pastries are standard fare. Depending upon your plans and your preference, you will have the option to take a packed lunch or return to the lodge for lunch. Following hors d’oeuvres and refreshments, dinner is the big meal of the day comprised of soup or salad, entree and homemade dessert. Entrees vary among seafood, chicken, pork and beef. If you have special dietary needs, the staff will do their best to accommodate.

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