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Le Commandant Charcot Transarctic Expedition: The Quest for the Two North Poles

In 1926, Umberto Nobile became the first man in the world to cross the Arctic via the North Pole. Aboard 245-guest Le Commandant Charcot, you have the opportunity to do the same, in the utmost style and comfort. Follow in the footsteps of Nobile to discover some of the Arctic’s secrets during a dedicated research mission at the highest point of the north.

Aboard Le Commandant Charcot, with up to 200 guests aboard her Arctic cruises, sail a novel transpolar maritime route that is inaccessible to traditional ships. From the legendary Bering Strait, a link between the East and the West, to the ice-covered land of Svalbard, the ship will carve out a path through the ice floes, exploring the ice of the Beaufort Sea, and use open water leads to attempt to reach the elusive Magnetic and Geographic North Poles. Along the way, learn about the onboard research projects being conducted by a multi-disciplinary team of around 20 researchers. Accompanied by expert naturalists, discover the unique ecosystems of the changing polar world. And contribute to scientific research. In 2024, cruise from Nome, Alaska to Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen; in 2025, make the transarctic route in reverse.

Benefit from the latest expedition ship technology aboard Le Commandant Charcot, with her onboard safety equipment exceeding both tourism and military criteria and her sustainable features attaining a Clean Ship label. She is the first cruise ship with dedicated wet and dry labs for a team of scientists, and has been specially fitted with oceanographic and scientific equipment selected by a committee of experts. Take advantage of the onboard lectures and opportunities for discussion and citizen science research with these specialists to learn more about the poles. And opt to kayak, snowshoe and even go ice fishing on this incredible journey.

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