Delfin Amazon Cruises

Delfin Amazon Cruises is the pioneer upscale river cruise operator in the Amazon, offering luxury cruises aboard its fleet of varied small ships.

Delfin Amazon Cruises History

Launched in early 2006 by its founder and CEO Aldo Macchiavello, a former senior banker with 25 years’ experience in the financial sector, the company is the culmination of a dream shared by his wife, Lissy Urteaga: to run a boutique travel business in their amazing country of Peru. 

A graduate of Purdue University’s Krannert Graduate School of Management, Aldo has in-depth knowledge of Peru and a passion for tourism. Aldo brings to the business a unique combination of professionalism, vision, operational capabilities and the touch of a first-class host. Lissy, as the company’s co-founder and Services Manager, has a background in art, interior design and extensive international travel experience. Together, Lissy and Aldo have created just the right combination of exclusivity and charm to make adventure cruising on the Amazon on board the Delfin vessels an Amazon icon.

Delfin Amazon Small Ship Cruises

Delfin Amazon Cruises has a long-term commitment with the Amazon and with its guests. The company’s goal is to provide top-quality services from the minute its travelers set foot on Iquitos until they depart back home. Delfin Amazon Cruises guides, skippers, chefs and crew members—many of them native Amazonians—are experienced and trained professionals as well as charming travel companions. 

Delfin works intensely with local communities and with the women and school children of Puerto Miguel, a local community in the river shores of the Yarapa and Ucayali River. On Delfin vessels find the artwork of these talented women and look for the Arts & Craft market where they showcase their works that has been spearheaded by Delfin to prevent overfishing and create a steady stream of income for the village.

Why Choose Delfin Amazon Cruises

Delfin Amazon Cruises has taken personalized boutique travel and services well beyond the expected. Delfin cruises truly discover the Amazon rainforest in the most unique and personal style.

Delfin Amazon Cruises & AdventureSmith Explorations

AdventureSmith Explorations started working with Delfin very early on, immediately connecting as friends and as people who want to do it well. When founder and president Todd Smith traveled to the Amazon and boarded the Delfin I, he was amazed. “It knocked my socks off!” says Todd.

“We love working with Delfin because they maintain exceptional quality across the board.”

Delfin’s president Aldo took Todd to the riverfront in Iquitos to see the hull of the (then) newly built Delfin II, which Todd recalls, “had the biggest palapa so workers could work through the weather.” We love working with Delfin because they maintain exceptional quality across the board, especially as they’ve expanded their fleet.

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