What is MyClimate™?

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MyClimate™ promotes climate-friendly products and services through market-driven means. MyClimate’s™ mission is to offer a turn-key solution for individuals and organizations who wish to offset their carbon emissions.

How does MyClimate™ work?

MyClimate™ buys renewable energy and energy efficiency offsets, and the majority of these offsets come from projects in developing countries. The funding, construction, and operations of these projects comes directly from our offset purchases. So your travel offset purchases directly support these types of projects.Specifically, they calculate the CO2 emissions released during your travels or from your home or office energy consumption. You then neutralize this impact on climate change by purchasing offsets from Kyoto Protocol-compliant projects and projects certified by The Gold Standard. The offsets you purchase are then permanently ‘retired’ and taken out of the market.

The money you pay goes to a local community or business to help fund more environmentally friendly development options. And the projects you invest in directly benefit local communities while offsetting your emissions, thus neutralizing negative climate impacts elsewhere.

Why is climate change my personal responsibility?

The effect of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is cumulative, so acting now has more impact than acting later. Businesses in the U.S. don’t currently have to account for their global climate change impacts from greenhouse gas emissions, travel related or otherwise. And government-backed schemes take time to implement; in some countries the Government is not acting at all and there is growing scientific concern that the agreed emission reductions do not go far enough. In addition, transport is one of the most difficult sectors to make reductions in and international air travel is currently not regulated.

MyClimate™ enables you to go beyond Government programs and take direct responsibility for your own actions by offsetting unavoidable travel-related emissions. It also enables you to secure the additional environmental benefits of early action by channeling funds directly to communities to help them to develop sustainably.

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