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April 27, 2020
By Megan Michelson

9 Unforgettable Ocean Adventures to Plan Now

Staying inside has us all dreaming of wide-open spaces. What better way to satisfy that desire than by planning a future ocean adventure? And as all of us wait to reconnect with our loved ones, these seabound journeys offer a great way to come together once we’re able to travel again. Whether by kayak, sailboat, or yacht, here are nine itineraries to start planning for now. 

Go by Yacht

You want to cruise the open seas but would rather avoid being on a giant ship with hundreds of other people. We understand. These small expedition ships are designed for adventure travelers looking to explore less traveled ocean nooks that the bigger boats can’t get to.

Island-hop through Indonesia on AdventureSmith ExplorationsIslands of Indonesia, a 15-to-21-day small-ship cruise (from $8,535). Start in Darwin, Australia, and set off on a 120-passenger expedition vessel en route to some of Indonesia’s less visited isles, where you’ll hike in search of Komodo dragons, snorkel in Taka Bonerate National Park, and visit local villages.

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