Manatee Amazon Explorer small ship cruise on the Amazon River.
Manatee Amazon Explorer hot tub on the Observation Deck.
Dining room on Manatee Amazon Explorer ship with 4-top tables set for dinner in white linens, tropical runners & yellow flowers.
Manatee Amazon Explorer lounge with couches, tables, bar and floor to ceiling windows.
Deluxe Cabin aboard Manatee Amazon Explorer with a large double bed, floor to ceiling windows and sliding glass door,
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Manatee Amazon Explorer

year built
crew members
121 feet
27 feet
cruising speed
12 knots

The 30-guest Manatee Amazon Explorer is the ideal small ship to cruise Ecuador’s Amazon in style and casual comfort. The floor-to-ceiling windows in every suite and air conditioning provide the perfect balance to experience the wilderness of the Amazon in comfort. Between the many terraces and top deck, the wildlife and scenery is never far on this riverboat.

Manatee Amazon Explorer Review

AdventureSmith Explorations’ Manatee Amazon Explorer review includes a detailed description of the riverboat including deck plans and a photo gallery. Our small ship cruise experts have been aboard nearly every first-class vessel in the Amazon. Please read our Manatee Amazon Explorer review then contact our cruise experts to compare the Manatee Amazon Explorer with other small cruise ships and riverboats offering Amazon cruises, including private charter cruises.

Choose the Manatee Amazon Explorer cruise if you are seeking an affordable, active and comfortable riverboat option in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The Manatee Amazon Explorer, built in 2017, is new, clean and comfortable, exuding a true riverboat feel. With all the amenities of a lodge, including an experienced staff, comfortable rooms with great views, private baths and air conditioning, this riverboat is an excellent choice for exploring the unique, wildlife-filled Ecuadorian Amazon. The benefit of exploring the Amazon aboard the Manatee is her ability to navigate farther down river to a diversity of stops not available if visiting from a lodge.

Safety & Sustainability Aboard Manatee Amazon Explorer

The vessel complies with both national and international navigation, as well as safety, security and environmental protection standards. Manatee Amazon Explorer is certified by Smart Voyager and the Rainforest Alliance, entities that guarantee the sustainability of her operations. The Manatee Amazon Explorer was purpose-built for river cruising in the Amazon and for having the smallest impact possible on the environment. The Manatee also works closely with the surrounding communities to ensure a healthy interaction for all. This sustainable tourism model is at the heart of the Manatee’s operations.

Although expedition cruising by its very nature is characterized as adventurous, the safety of Manatee’s staff and passengers is of paramount importance. The Manatee Amazon Explorer is fully equipped and maintained in order to handle the most challenging conditions and circumstances, and is operated by experienced and conscientious expedition staff and crew. The canoes used for daily shore landings are rugged and versatile and are operated responsibly by experienced personnel. On board you will be fully briefed on all pertinent safety issues and concerns, as well as the ship’s environmental policy; passengers also receive appropriate and detailed briefings before each landing.

Common Areas Aboard Manatee Amazon Explorer

The Manatee offers multiple common areas that enable guests to spread out during the cruise. The lounge and bar offer a perfect spot to rest and reflect before the next adventure. The conference room includes a flat-screen television and comfortable seating, where naturalist guides give informative talks and briefings for the following day’s activities. Deck 2 shares a reading room and boutique while Deck 4 is ideal for catching the breeze and watching the jungle pass by on the observation deck with a hot tub.

The Manatee Amazon Explorer is also equipped with kayaks and a small fleet of motorized canoes. The canoes provide unlimited mobility and allow for the exploration of the most remote areas and inaccessible shores.

Dining Aboard Manatee Amazon Explorer

The Manatee Amazon Explorer boasts both interior and exterior dining areas, located on Deck 1 and Deck 3. Manatee’s chefs offer a spectacular variety of both national and international dishes, as well as an excellent selection of beers and sparkling wines.

Cabins & Deck Plan Aboard Manatee Amazon Explorer

The Manatee Amazon Explorer has the capacity to accommodate up to 30 passengers in suites with floor-to-ceiling windows and private balconies. Each suite is equipped with air conditioning, closets, 24-hour electricity via 110-voltage outlets and switches, an in-suite sitting area, and a private bathroom with hot and cold water, hairdryer and toiletries including shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap. Every suite is configurable for either two full-size beds or one queen-sized bed.

Manatee Amazon Explorer Deluxe Cabin with king bed, private balcony, sliding glass door, nightstand, reading lights and desk.
Deluxe Suite

The Third Deck’s 4 Deluxe Suites are each 258 sq ft with a private balcony and a private bathroom with whirlpool bath. 2 full-size beds can be converted to 1 queen-sized bed.

Standard Cabin aboard Manatee Amazon Explorer with floor to ceiling windows, sliding glass door out to private balcony with nightstand and reading light.
Standard Suite

The Second Deck’s 10 Standard Suites are each 215 sq ft with a private balcony and a private bathroom with massage shower. 2 full-size beds can be converted to 1 queen-sized bed.

Manatee Amazon Explorer lounge with large table, TV, floor to ceiling windows, couches and tables.
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