Galapagos Legend

crew members
301 feet
47 feet
cruising speed
15-17 knots

The M/V Galapagos Legend is a deluxe expedition ship that can accommodate 100 guests. She emphasizes a variety of comfortable outdoor spaces, fun onboard activities and multiple off-ship excursions. Galapagos Legend small ship cruises offer luxury, quality and service in a casual setting that is affordable, stable and great for family travelers.

Galapagos Legend Review

AdventureSmith Explorations’ Galapagos Legend review includes a detailed description of the small ship including deck plans and a photo gallery. Our Galapagos Islands experts have been aboard the Galapagos Legend firsthand. Please read our Galapagos Legend review below then contact our experts to compare with other small cruise ships, yachts and catamarans offering Galapagos cruises.

Choose the Galapagos Legend for a ship with a modern and original feel with a wide variety of amenities and spaces, including some larger suites that make her an ideal ship for Galapagos family cruises. A 2017 renovation updated the vessel and brought renewed attention to her outdoor and common areas. She now boasts an impressive 6,600 square feet of open deck space, as well as a glass-bottom excursion boat designed to gently engage with the Galapagos marine world. Also updated was the lounge, with floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows for optimal viewing.

Common Areas Aboard Galapagos Legend

Between the three main decks guests can enjoy multiple comfortable, inviting spaces. The Sky Deck provides a sundeck and a swimming pool filled with seawater to be more environmentally friendly. Themed talks, comfortable chairs, couches and games are all offered in the nautically themed Charles Darwin Panoramic Lounge. The uppermost Moon Deck is a favorite for stargazing and sunbathing. Also aboard is a well-equipped auditorium for lectures, casual gatherings, briefings and/or exclusive use; a fitness center with exercise bikes and floor-to-ceiling windows, sauna and jacuzzi area with massage chairs; an outdoor terrace with hammocks; a fun and friendly kids’ corner play area with creative and educational activities; an Interpretation Center with a library and internet that is available for purchase when connection is available; a 24-hour medical clinic; and a boutique with selections of quality handicrafts and souvenirs, and unique Ecuadorian products. The Galapagos Legend provides water bottle filling stations dispersed around the ship, waste water treatment facilities and recycling. Reception services are available from 6:30am to 10:00pm. Touch screens on every level offer quick reference for menus, itinerary, timings, deck plans and more. Smoking is allowed outdoors only.

Dining Aboard Galapagos Legend

Lonesome George Restaurant, with comfortable seating and wooden finishes, offers breakfast and lunch buffets and plated dinners. Meals feature Ecuadorian and International cuisine while using local products with a variety of meats, salads and desserts. All guests can be seated in one sitting. A 24-hour tea and coffee station is available on the Sky Deck. The Moon Deck plays host to a special treat one night, with an ice cream festival or a BBQ outside, including lifeboats fitted with booths and tables for a fun dining experience. The Charles Darwin Panorama Lounge Bar offers food made to order, available for purchase. The Sky Deck’s Fisherman Bar is a ship-shaped bar offering beer, wine and cocktails. Beverages are available for purchase with a variety of drink packages to choose from or can be purchased a la carte.

Crew & Guides Aboard Galapagos Legend

There are six guides per trip aboard Galapagos Legend, including one expedition leader. Most guides speak Spanish and English. However, guides in a few other languages can be aboard if requested in advance. Guides are present on the island activities, demonstrating the best places to see the fauna from up close, whether on foot, by kayak or when snorkeling. Stargazing presentations on how previous seamen used constellations as navigation are presented on occasion, as are onboard lectures about the area. Any questions while on board can be directed to guides staffing the Naturalist Guides’ Center on the Sky Deck.

Activities Aboard Galapagos Legend

Pangas (inflatable skiffs) fitting 6-20 passengers each are aboard with comfortable, easy disembarkation. Each off-ship activity ends with snacks and beverages. The Galapagos Legend also offers one glass-bottom boat for guests wanting to stay dry while viewing sea life. Snorkeling equipment is available to use and wetsuits and kayaks (eight double and one single) are available to rent. Scuba diving is also available. Options for evening activities include table games, salsa dancing, karaoke, movie nights and a Neptune party—a theatrical presentation where the king of the oceans comes on board to re-organize his realm and ends up in a fun party.

Cabins & Deck Plan Aboard Galapagos Legend

The Galapagos Legend has 52 ocean-view, air-conditioned cabins plus 3 interior ones. Lower beds and private bathroom facilities accommodate numerous configurations, including two twin beds or one double bed, and triple or quadruple occupancy options. Each cabin includes: safety deposit box, air conditioning, LCD TV with multimedia system, hair dryer, special bedding, black-out curtains and updated furniture. Wristbands with RFID chips act as your room key, to ensure safety and security. Internal, local and international satellite telephone service is offered. Voltage is set for 110-220 volts/60 Hz. A pillow menu even offers three types of pillows to choose from.