Sea Cloud luxury sailboat cruising in the Mediterranean on a sunny day
Sea Cloud luxury small ship sailing toward the viewer on calm waters on an overcast day
bow of the Sea Cloud luxury mediterranean small ship covered in gold plating
looking up at the Sea Cloud luxury mediterranean yacht mast with crew members climbing it
all white room with a large bed, ottomans and fireplace aboard the Sea Cloud mediterranean luxury yacht
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Sea Cloud

64 guests
year built
crew members
60 crew members
360 feet
50 feet
17 feet
cruising speed
10 knots
La Valletta/Malta

Note that for most of AdventureSmith’s Sea Cloud offerings, the ship is chartered by Lindblad Expeditions and the deck plan and ship amenities are slightly different. View the Sea Cloud: Lindblad ship page on our website for details, contact us for comparable options, or browse all of our small Caribbean cruise ships and Mediterranean cruise ships to filter by ship size and ship type.

Far more than a voyage along the coasts and among the islands of Homer’s wine-dark sea, a sailing journey aboard the 360-foot Sea Cloud is a chance to experience these lands and waterways as the ancients did. Sail into ports with ruins where the seeds of democracy were sown and titans of the era from Plato to Alexander the Great held court.

Sea Cloud Review

Read our detailed review of the 64-guest Sea Cloud with a complete small ship description including deck plans and a photo gallery. An AdventureSmith Explorations crew member has been aboard the Sea Cloud in the Mediterranean. Please read our Sea Cloud review below then contact our European cruise experts to compare the Sea Cloud with other small cruise ships that are sailing the Mediterranean

Choose the Sea Cloud because she is enormously elegant, yet also friendly and informal. Dress aboard ship is relaxed and casual. Carved oak panels line the interiors. Bathrooms are fitted with Italian marble and elegantly furnished with period antiques. Parquet floors shine and burnished brass still glows. Original marine oils grace the yacht’s walls. For guests willing to participate, the Sea Cloud sometimes offers a unique tour of participating guests’ rooms, so everyone can see and learn the history of the different cabins available.

History & Sails of Sea Cloud

Built in 1931 by Wall Street businessman E. F. Hutton for his wife, Marjorie Merriweather Post, Sea Cloud embodies true elegance and poise. The ship was built with entertaining in mind, which makes the cabin tour even more fascinating. There is no sailing ship afloat that can compare for grace, fine service and the sheer joy of sailing. Sails are raised by hand by a spirited crew, who scramble up and down the masts to get the rigging done. When the sails are open, she’s just magnificent. She carries 30 sails measuring a total of 32,000 square feet, with a main mast height of 178 feet.

Common Areas Aboard Sea Cloud

Congregate on deck under the covered Lido Bar and relax in the open-air Blue Lagoon, a semi-circle of shusions at the stern of the ship that was nicknamed by Marjorie Merriweather Post. The sumptuous lounge is the venue for talks and presentations by expedition staff and guests are welcome on the open bridge to learn how Sea Cloud is navigated and sailed. Because Sea Cloud is a truly historic vessel, it is important to note that some passageways are tight and stairwells can be steep. Such original design aspects were made to leave more square footage for cabins and common areas and add to the historic charm of the sailing experience.

Meals Aboard Sea Cloud

Meals aboard Sea Cloud are known to be delicious. Served in single seatings, meals focus on outstanding local and continental cuisine. Excellent wines from well known regions are included at lunch and dinner. Refreshments are always available. 

Cabins Aboard Sea Cloud

The magnificent original cabins aboard Sea Cloud feature decorative fireplaces and marble baths, and the newer staterooms are handsome and spacious with wood paneling and a nautical motif. All cabins have a private view of the sea. The Main Deck has the ship’s original cabins, including the Owner’s Suites originally occupied by E.F. Hutton and Marjorie Merriweather Post. Cabins on the Promenade and Captain’s Decks have exquisite furnishings. Each room features a safe and individually adjustable A/C. Bathrooms all have water closets, marble sinks, gold-plated fixtures, hair dryers and outlets for razor.

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