Pacuare Lodge

Pacuare Lodge is nestled in a rainforest overlooking Costa Rica’s Pacuare River, which National Geographic has listed as one of the world’s top ten scenic rivers. Getting to this eco-lodge is half the adventure, since you arrive and depart via whitewater raft on the Pacuare River.

Surrounding Pacuare Lodge is a private rainforest reserve that forms part of the largest network of protected areas in Central America, covering more than 1.2 million acres of tropical wilderness. Guests have the opportunity to experience an unforgettable meal in “the Nest”: a platform 60 feet above the jungle floor in the branches of century-old Kapok tree, considered a sacred tree by the ancient Mayans.

All of the staff at the Pacuare Lodge are from local communities, and the friendly, casual atmosphere makes you feel at home. From the beginning, the Pacuare Lodge has been actively managed by Aventuras Naturales, an adventure company fully licensed by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism with products and services backed by years of experience.

Sustainability at Pacuare Lodge

The Pacuare Lodge was built with a minimum impact on the river and rainforest site where it is located. Lanterns and candles provide light, as there is no electricity at the lodge. No trees were cut to build the bungalows and main lodge. Lumber was purchased from a sustainable reforestation project operated by small farmers. The roofs are made from palm leaves installed by Cabecar Indians living in the area using their traditional style. Aventuras Naturales was the first adventure travel company to acquire parcels of primary forest in this area solely for the purpose of conservation. Over the years, they’ve purchased 840 acres of primary rainforest along the Pacuare River for conservation.