Kleintours Go Galapagos

Go Galapagos colorful logo with GO in many colors.

Established in 1983 by Maria Augusta Klein, Kleintours is a family owned and operated company that has grown into one of the largest and most established Galapagos small ship cruise lines.

Kleintours’ ships are ISO certified and have qualified crew and naturalists on board. Kleintours cruises offer an exceptional value for the price.

AdventureSmith Explorations & Kleintours

AdventureSmith Explorations has a long history working with Kleintours. When we first began selling Galapagos Island cruises, there were not nearly as many options as there are today. Kleintours was one of the early pioneers and major players in Galapagos cruising. Our company founder, Todd Smith, had a relationship with them before starting AdventureSmith Explorations, so when he launched, it was only natural that we would work with them. We are pleased to have grown our business alongside Kleintours, and have many, many satisfied clients travel with them every year. In fact, Todd is among them. He led a Galapagos friends and family charter cruise aboard the Galapagos Legend in 2014. Read his expert review of the cruise.

Introducing Go Galapagos

Go Galapagos

Kleintours has begun to change their branding by introducing the name Go Galapagos Ecuador. Whether the company is known as Kleintours or Go Galapagos, travelers can expect the same service and value established by the Klein family many years ago.

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