South America Amazon Cruise

Aria Amazon River Cruise

Experience the world as it was at the very beginning of time, when wildlife was rich and abundant, when trees grew tall and flowers bloomed everywhere. During your luxurious Amazon River cruise aboard the 32-guest Aria Amazon, explore winding jungle creeks by motorized skiff and stop at remote villages to search for local crafts. Journey along three powerful Amazon tributaries: the Marañón, Ucayali and Pacaya Rivers as well as several hidden black water lakes in both high-water and low-water seasons. In this glorious environment, parrots and macaws perch in trees, fuzzy howler monkeys leap from branch to branch and prehistoric-looking caiman swim by. Rare pink dolphins arc through the water, giant Victoria Regia water lilies abound and you won’t be able to help but practice your photography skills.

Be aware that two main seasons influence the Peruvian Amazon River: a high-water season (November through May) and a low-water season (June through October). Traveling to Peru in either season offers rich rewards, fabulous sites and amazing opportunities to view plant and animal life, but note that only high-water routes cruise along the Amazon River. The Aria Amazon sails year-round and every voyage is uniquely appealing, based on the changing seasons. During the high-water season the river and estuaries grow, allowing launch boats to venture deeper into the flooded forest. During the low-water season the river recedes and beautiful sandy river beaches form.

Cruise in comfort aboard the Aria Amazon, a luxury Amazon riverboat with chic styling and plenty of floor-to-ceiling windows to ensure none of the wildlife is missed. This vessel is an AdventureSmith favorite for private charter cruises due to her classy feel and size. 

The Aria Amazon River cruise is offered as either an 8-day, 5-day or 4-day cruise, departing Fridays and Mondays, to provide the Amazon experience that is best for you. Note that itineraries are subject to changes to accommodate the variable water levels for the different seasons.

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