Polar Regions Antarctica Cruise

Crossing the Antarctic Circle

Become one of the few who can claim to have crossed the Antarctic Circle. The 14-day Crossing the Antarctic Circle voyage not only includes in-depth exploration of the Antarctic Peninsula, but it also offers the opportunity to venture as far south as 66°33´S.

Enter the land of the midnight sun to a world without borders as you sail across an endless stretch of sea dotted with ice. Search for wildlife that claims solitude as home. Whether it’s humpback whales alongside the ship, a leopard seal diving beneath your Zodiac, penguins sliding off an iceberg into crystal waters or a giant petrel soaring above cracking sea ice, you’ll experience a sensory overload in Antarctica like you’ve never felt before.

On board, lectures and specialists cover Antarctica’s geology, history and wildlife, while an expert expedition team helps to embrace Antarctica’s vast beauty. Two small ships operate the itinerary: the 138-guest Ocean Explorer and the 199-guest Ultramarine. Each Crossing the Antarctic Circle departure includes up-close exploration on guided hikes, shore walks and small craft excursions. Optional activities (additional cost) include kayaking, one-time paddling excursions, camping and stand-up paddleboarding. Ultramarine’s added helicopter landings and heli-assisted alpine trekking options qualify her for our luxury Antarctica cruises.

Choose to begin by flying directly into Ushuaia, or via Buenos Aires, Argentina. Come to the land where the sun never sets, where explorers celebrate when conditions allow their achievement of what few others can claim: the Crossing of the famed Antarctic Circle.

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