Polar Regions Arctic Cruise

Arctic Wildlife Safari

Select from three itineraries to explore Svalbard—one of the best places in the world to observe polar bears hunting in their preferred habitat, the pack ice. Enjoy a flexible itinerary based around sea and ice conditions that explores the spectacular fjords, coasts and islands of Svalbard. Polar bears, walruses, endangered bowhead whales and other Arctic wildlife can be spotted anywhere, anytime in and around this High Arctic archipelago. With 24-hour daylight the captain and crew are determined to make the best of every opportunity for wildlife viewing in this unique polar ecosystem. 

Encounter a stark, enigmatic landscape steeped in the drama and heroism of historic polar explorations. Walk the footsteps of famous polar explorers at significant High Arctic places. Visit historical remnants of whaling camps, coal mining operations, trappers’ cabins, staging areas for historic attempts to discover the North Pole, an abandoned polar research station, and the Arctic research community of Ny Ålesund, complete with gift shop, post office, and museum—all testimonies to incredible human history.

In addition to the main 10-day West Svalbard polar expedition, there are 12-day Best of Svalbard and 14-day In-Depth Arctic Expedition & Polar Bear Safari departures that attempt a full circumnavigation of Svalbard. AdventureSmith Explorations’ award-winning crew has personal experience sailing in the Arctic and can recommend the best itineraries to suit your travel interests and timeline.

All itineraries are aboard the 114-guest Sea Spirit, which boasts an impressive staff-to-passenger ratio of 1 crew member per 10 guests. Plus, expedition leaders each have the field experience of 50-plus voyages to the polar regions.

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