Polar Regions Antarctica Cruise

Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula

These 21- to 23-day voyages take you on an incomparable journey, visiting enigmatic Subantarctic islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. Similar to the South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey Cruise, but with additional time in the Falkland Islands, in lieu of a day in South Georgia, to discover the fascinating history of the islands and to encounter the spectacular birdlife found there. Feel awed in the presence of the king penguin colonies in South Georgia, some of the largest on Earth. Immerse yourself in the serene grandeur of the Antarctic Peninsula as you embrace the true spirit of exploration and adventure.  

Many special moments await you. Photograph black-browed albatross and spot elusive macaroni penguins in the Falkland Islands. Encounter frolicking sea lion pups playing in the surf as their mothers look on. Witness king penguins sitting on eggs, chicks hatching and fledging while ravenous skuas circle overhead. Soak up the region’s rich history with extra time in the Falklands. 

Cruise aboard one of three adventure-ready polar expedition ships: Greg Mortimer, Sylvia Earle or Douglas Mawson. Their state-of-the-art design and technology, plus excursion-minded preparation rooms and multiple boarding platforms for efficient embarkation and disembarkation. These small ships average 132-154 guests, with an educational and engaged team of expedition guides providing programming aimed at immersion into the surrounding polar wilds.

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