Polar Regions Antarctica Cruise

The Great Austral Loop

On this luxury Antarctica voyage between South America and the Antarctic Peninsula, discover the most beautiful sites of these southern lands. Set sail from the fascinating city of Ushuaia, which the Argentinians call El fin del mundo (the end of the world). First, chart a course for the Falkland Islands, whose wild beauty and lush moors are sure to captivate. Next, head to South Georgia with its impressive glaciers and black-sand beaches where large colonies of king penguins have taken up residence. 

Then sail to the White Continent, realm of the unexpected. Weather and ice conditions permitting, this extreme environment where nature reigns supreme will reveal its most beautiful secrets through numerous discoveries. Gentoo, Adelie and chinstrap penguins, humpback whales, seals and seabirds are some of the encounters you may experience in the Antarctic Peninsula, creating indelible memories. Each day, whether on land, aboard the ship or during a Zodiac outing, be surrounded by a grandiose decor ranging from icebergs to ice floe and ancient glaciers.

Most departures sail round-trip from Ushuaia, Argentina and begin and end with a charter flight between Ushuaia and Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Expedition to Southern Lands itinerary skips the Falkland Islands in lieu of adding time to explore the Antarctic Peninsula. The Journey to Austral Lands and Valdes Peninsula itineraries either start or end with a charter flight for embarkation or disembarkation in Ushuaia; these departures uniquely sail along the Argentinian coastline, adding a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Valdes Peninsula.

A selection of sister ships cruise the waters of the sub-Antarctic and the Antarctic continent on this once-in-a-lifetime expedition, with options including L’Austral, Le Boreal and Le Lyrial. Travel in the comfort of a 5-star hotel aboard these luxury French expedition ships that offer refined and attentive service, a plethora of onboard activities and unrivaled elegance. Appreciate understated sophistication, an international feel and top-notch guides aboard this ship with up to 200 guests aboard their luxury Antarctica cruises.

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