Polar Regions Antarctica Cruise

Antarctic Southern Latitudes

On this 15-day Crossing the Antarctic Circle voyage, sail in style aboard the comfortable Seaventure, beginning at the tip of South America. Chart a course through the Drake Passage and along the Antarctic Peninsula with the ambition of crossing the Antarctic Circle. The farther south the ship goes, the more sea ice is likely to be encountered. The aim is to cross the Circle before getting stopped by this ice. Should the ship arrive at 66°33’S, you will become a member of a very small band of explorers and adventurous travelers who have made it this far south.

Start the itinerary with free, flexible time to arrive into and experience the resort town of Ushuaia, Argentina. Embark on day 3 and cruise to the most scenic bays and channels of the South Shetland Islands to seek out sub-Antarctic species. Then cruise south with hopes of reaching the Antarctic Circle before heading back north along the Antarctic Peninsula for more wildlife viewing, and possible research station visits. Return over the Drake Passage with memories that will last a lifetime.

Consider joining in the Citizen Science program, a way to harness the power of thousands of travelers around the world to observe, record and report on natural phenomena. Participate in a variety of activities that support important research projects in five major disciplines: Oceanography, Glaciology, Ornithology, Marine Biology and Meteorology. The data collected helps scientists understand climate change’s effects on Antarctica. Choose to engage or simply observe, but no matter what, feel the buzz of fun, interactive and informative activities that make this voyage unforgettable.

Voyage to the Antarctic Circle aboard the unique 149-guest Seaventure, a vessel featuring a custom-built citizen science lab, unique family cabins and heated saltwater pool, sauna and complimentary beverages.

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