Polar Regions Arctic Cruise

Le Commandant Charcot in the Ice of the Arctic, From Greenland to Svalbard

Climb aboard luxury expedition ship Le Commandant Charcot and set a course for the northeast of Greenland, inaccessible to traditional ships in early summer, before cruising to Svalbard and its untouched landscapes. Along the way, the Blosseville and Ittoqqortoormiit regions reveal mythical places associated with the history of the discovery of the Arctic. The scenery features snow-topped peaks and majestic fjords, icebergs of amazing shapes and ice as far as the eye can see.

To the northeast of Greenland, sail through the drifting ice floes of the North Pole and marvel at the subtle light changes on the ice. Your route then leads eastward, towards Svalbard. As you progress through this polar landscape, Nordaustlandet (North East Land) will display Europe’s largest ice cap and some of its most majestic fjords. Cross the frozen expanses of the Hinlopen Strait, where the contours of the glaciers shape the horizon, and get up close to monumental basalt cliffs.

In the Søraust-Svalbard Nature Reserve, classed as an Important Bird Area, the ice-cloaked arid spaces are also home to cetaceans and Svalbard reindeer. Get to know this wild and stunning world a little better, whether from the exterior decks of your ship, during an outing in an inflatable dinghy or a kayak, or during a hike near blue-tinged icebergs.

Cruise aboard the sophisticated and sustainability-minded Le Commandant Charcot. This spacious 245-guest hybrid electric ship features French-inspired luxury and a focus on food, wellness, onboard engagement and active programming. Participate in citizen science with Le Commandant Charcot’s onboard research laboratory.

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