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Antiquity to Byzantium

Stand at the original Olympic stadium, seek the oracle of Delphi and regard Agamemnon’s Kingdom on this 8-day Greece cruise. The Antiquity of Byzantium, an ancient Greek colony, is shrouded in legend and mystery that comes alive on this 8-day cruise aboard the 49-guest Galileo motor sailor. Each day consists of optional activities that allow you to explore with a guided group or on your own, all while circumnavigating the Peloponnese Peninsula, beginning and ending in Athens, Greece.

With a perfect mix of nature, history and legend, the Antiquity of Byzantium itinerary unveils gods, warriors and the natural beauty of Greece. Discover a huge theater constructed around 300 B.C at Palaia Epidaurus; step foot in the original Olympic stadium and visit the Olympic museum; and witness waters where a fleet of Venetians defeated the Ottomans in one of the most important naval battles in history that ultimately led to the independence of Greece. Ancient glorious cities show evidence of the Lion’s Gate at Mycenae, Nestor’s Palace at Pylos and the Spartan naval base at Gythion.

Greek gods like Apollo, Hera and Zeus are represented with places like the Temple of Hera and the magnificent temple of Zeus the Philippeion in Olympia. At Delphi, see where wealth and mountainsides collide, creating the place where the ancient Greek world consulted the oracle at Delphi and thanked Apollo with treasure. View an area unlike any other—a desolate region of underground waterways, windswept landscapes and towers—at Mani, the tip of the Peloponnese. And study stalactites and stalagmites at the impressive Dirou Caves.

Every moment of this 8-day Antiquity of Byzantium cruise aboard the Galileo is a stunning combination of ancient ingenuity, picture-perfect landscapes and larger-than-life legends. Optional activities may be added on to the voyage at an additional price, or simply enjoy time in port on your own. Whichever optional activities you choose, prepare to be amazed by this Antiquity to Byzantium Peloponnese cruise. 

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