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Read our Arctic trip reviews to get a real feel for what travel through this vast region is really like. The reviews below contain expert advice, personal travel stories and detailed accounts of the full trip experience. This collection aims to help travelers researching the Arctic to make an informed purchase and have an even better time during their expedition.

What activity options are available? What are the accommodations like? I want to see polar bears, where do I go? Our crew and guests have traveled by land and sea on Arctic expedition trips and share these fun but educational expert reviews and travel journals chock full of helpful information.

From Arctic cruises sailing the icy waters surrounding the Svalbard archipelago to Iceland cruises, epic North Pole expeditions and Arctic tours across Canadian tundra in search of polar bears—these trip reviews detail it all. After the reviews, keep scrolling for our top Arctic cruises and land tours as well as traveler testimonials evaluating the quality of accommodations, food, guides and overall experiences. With our expertise and firsthand reviews, find your perfect Arctic itinerary, or navigate to view all our trip reviews worldwide.

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