Polar Regions Northern Europe Cruise

Legendary Northern Isles: Scotland, Faroes & Iceland

Discover remote isles steeped in Viking history and fascinating geology on this Scotland, Faroes and Iceland cruise. Sail from the historic waterfront town of Bergen, Norway, to seldom-explored islands in the Faroes and Scotland, and then explore all of Iceland’s coastal wonders on a near-circumnavigation. In Scotland encounter Shetland ponies roaming verdant landscapes. Then go back in time at Skara Brae, a 5,000-year-old stone-slab village on Orkney, and see the mysterious standing stones of the Ring of Brodgar.

Walk with a historian through Jarlshof archaeological site, a complex of ancient settlements spanning 4,000 years of human history. Meet the welcoming islanders who call the scenic Faroe Islands home. Observe incredible birdlife—massive puffin colonies in the Faroe Islands and Grimsey, and on the Cliffs of Noss, thousands of murres and kittiwakes.

Highlights include sailing in the wake of early Viking explorers and learning the region’s dramatic history. Encounter the Bronze Age ruins and Viking longhouses of Jarlshof, a prehistoric settlement in the Shetland Islands. Discover the unique culture of the Faroe Islands, where residents cling proudly to their Viking heritage. Observe nesting seabirds in dramatic settings—on Iceland’s skyscraping Látrabjarg cliffs and amid Shetland’s spectacular Cliffs of Noss. And sail past the dramatic sea cliffs of the Faroe Islands to see cliff-nesting puffins, gannets and northern fulmars.

Passage is aboard 148-guest National Geographic Explorer, which offers active exploration via hiking, walking, kayaking and Zodiac riding amidst stunning scenery. Options abound to make each expedition as active as you choose, and each day join a different naturalist or the onboard historian for more viewpoints. Explore under the sure guidance of expedition leaders, an assistant expedition leader, veteran naturalists, a Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor, an undersea specialist, a wellness specialist and a video chronicler.

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