South America Galapagos Islands Cruise

Beluga Galapagos Cruises

Cruise the Galapagos Islands aboard the intimate and affordable Motor Yacht Beluga. The 16-guest Beluga features comfortable double cabins each with private bath and air conditioning. The Beluga is outfitted exclusively for the Galapagos Islands and has been awarded the Smart Voyager certification for adhering to conservation standards. Beluga also complies with all international maritime regulations and is SOLAS certified. A Galapagos cruise aboard the Beluga is an exceptional value for families, small groups and charters. 

The Beluga operates two 8-day Galapagos cruise itineraries, which can be combined to create an all-encompassing 15-day cruise, or shortened to a 6-day portion of each 8-day. Contact AdventureSmith Explorations for more details.

The 8-day Fernandina itinerary explores the western Galapagos islands. Highlights include visiting the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz Island and spotting flamingos in mangrove lagoons; walking along beautiful beaches, nearby a volcano, seeing abundant birds, sea lions, marine iguanas, land iguanas, Galapagos penguins, sea turtles and more on Isabela; and witnessing the impressive marine iguana colony on Fernandina. Guests may also book the 6-day Isabela itinerary that follows days 3-8 of the 8-day Fernandina itinerary.

The 8-day Tower itinerary focuses on the southern, central and northern Galapagos islands. Highlights include visits to Dragon Hill, Santa Fe and South Plazas; up-close encounters with land and marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies, Galapagos penguins and perhaps the rare short-eared owls on Genovesa; walks along the white-sand beaches and a lagoon visit on San Cristobal; snorkeling with sea lions, viewing the blowhole and searching for waved albatross (April-December) on Espanola. Guests may also book the 6-day Hood itinerary that follows days 3-8 of the 8-day Tower itinerary.

Each itinerary aboard the Beluga is a treat, with wonderful wildlife viewing and exciting landing sites. Or make your own itinerary by booking the 16-guest Beluga for one of our private Galapagos yacht charters, to take in the magic of the enchanted archipelago with your own group.

Read on for details about this trip, or learn more about AdventureSmith’s Galapagos cruises and Galapagos trips. This cruise featured in National Geographic magazine.