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Trips to Australia
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AdventureSmith’s trips to Australia let you experience this big, wild country in an active, efficient way. From Tasmania to the Great Barrier Reef and the Kimberley, let AdventureSmith guide you through the wide array of Australia travel options. Why choose to book your Australia trip with us?

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Work with one dedicated U.S.-based specialist to purchase & prepare for your Australia trip.

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We can match you with trusted Australia small ships, yachts & authentic boutique hotels.

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Our relationships with reputable Australia companies result in tried & trusted tours for you.

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Our trips keep you close to the action, from snorkeling & scuba diving to hiking & skiff rides.

Travelers in a skiff explore red cliffs and a towering waterfall in the Kimberley of Australia

Visit Australia’s Isolated Landscapes In Style

Venture far beyond the reach of what most Australia travelers see. Our trips to Australia visit isolated landscapes and remote reef, all in a safe, unique, exciting and carefree way. Choose from set departures aboard expedition cruises and add-on unique overland adventure with our team’s expertise in Uluru and various remote coastal towns. Australia trips with AdventureSmith take you hiking on a walkabout, kayaking, diving, snorkeling and more. Whatever adventure you seek, we are here to assist you narrow down your many Australia travel options.

“From Tasmania to the Great Barrier Reef, our Australia trips focus on activity, wildlife, reef and culture.”


Trips to Australia

Temperature & Rainfall

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg. High (F) 79 79 77 73 66 62 60 64 68 72 75 77
Avg. Low (F) 66 66 64 59 54 48 46 48 52 57 60 64
Avg. Water Temp (F) 74 75 75 72 69 66 66 65 65 66 68 71
Avg. Rainfall (Inches) 4.0 4.6 5.2 5.0 4.6 5.2 3.8 3.1 2.7 3.0 3.0 3.0

Year-Round Trips to Australia

Australia’s varied environments, ranging from desert to tropical, make for a diverse climate perfect for year-round travel. In Australia, there is always somewhere with great weather! The seasons in Australia are opposite those in North America and Europe, so it’s a popular wintertime escape. But weather varies greatly depending on latitude, just like in the U.S., so know before you go to this large continent what weather to expect in your region of travel. The climate data listed above is for Sydney, Australia, but keep reading for the Kimberley coast, Tasmania and the Great Barrier Reef.

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