South America Galapagos Islands Cruise

Aqua Mare Galapagos Cruises

Experience the Galapagos Islands with the feeling of your own private yacht, aboard the luxurious Aqua Mare. Adventure across volcanic islands for up-close encounters with epic wildlife found nowhere else on Earth. Return on board to the comforts of an upscale superyacht with the attentive service of one crew member for every guest, spacious suites and common areas, and epicurean delights designed by Peruvian consulting chef Pedro Schiaffino. With 2 naturalist guides to 16 guests, an Aqua Mare Galapagos cruise is one of the Archipelago’s most exclusive experiences.

The Aqua Mare treats her guests to a luxurious experience, with spacious interiors and exteriors, including multiple dining and lounge areas, a unique water-level Beach Club and the largest Owner’s Suite in the Galapagos at 861 square feet (complete with its own butler service). Delicious and artful cuisine is designed by consulting chef Pedro Schiaffino. Two custom tender vessels, plus snorkel equipment, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards all enable off-ship adventure. And the service is unrivaled. Optional rendezvous scuba diving is available on select departures at added cost. Learn more about Galapagos diving. For these reasons and more, this lavish ship makes our list of Galapagos luxury cruises.

Highlights of the East Aqua Mare cruise include the birders’ paradise of Genovesa, the waved albatross unique to Espanola (Apr-Dec), hardened lava flows at Santiago Island’s Sullivan Bay, hiking along the natural volcanic formations of Los Gemelos and being greeted by groups of sea lions lounging in the rocks at Punta Suárez.

Highlights of the West Aqua Mare cruise include the red-sand beach of Rabida; a 17th-century pirate rest stop at Santiago; a visit to Post Office Bay on Floreana; penguin viewing along the western islands of Isabela and Fernandina; snorkeling with penguins, sea turtles and marine iguanas in Punta Espinoza; and possibly witnessing the courtship dance of blue-footed boobies in North Seymour.

Choose either 8-day itinerary or reward yourself with an adventure-of-a-lifetime on a full 15-day expedition. For a customized and even further personalized experience, book the Aqua Mare as one of our private Galapagos yacht charters for your group of 16 or fewer.

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