Bears are the stars of nature’s most exciting reality show: the Katmai Brooks Falls Bear Cam. These salmon-fishing brown bears in Katmai National Park and Preserve in remote Alaska (about 250 miles west of Anchorage, Alaska) are followed by 8 webcams as they jockey for their positions on the river. And the action is just steps from the accommodations at Brooks Lodge, a popular stop for many of our Alaska travelers.

At the season’s peak in July, there might be some 70 brown bears within one square mile of the lodge! Each bear has a unique fishing technique – some wait at the top of waterfalls to catch jumping fish, others dunk their heads in like bobbing for apples.

The best time to view the bears is in July, and then again in late August through mid-September when they return to Brooks Falls.

The Brooks Falls bear cam live stream has improved over the years with varied angles and enhanced social features like live web chats and photo sharing. And there’s even a March Madness style bracket during what they’ve dubbed Fat Bear Week. reports that about 10,000 people a year visit the park, which is only accessible by float plane. And a dedicated community follows the Katmai bears online, with tens of thousands of comments on the webcam each year.

Watch the Brooks Falls Katmai bear cam by following the link from the video above, or see the bear cam full screen.

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