Polar Regions Arctic Cruise

The Northwest Passage: In the Wake of Roald Amundsen

Step aboard 264-guest luxury ship Le Boreal to experience the Northwest Passage in a level of comfort that early explorers would never have imagined. Explore the boundaries of the Far North during an exceptional trip in the wake of the legendary explorer Roald Amundsen. Sail the mythical Northwest Passage, a historic and famous shipping route, which winds its way among the labyrinthine channels of the northernmost world. Spend close to a full month marveling at the beauty of these remote regions where Inuit villages appear amidst the landscapes of the Arctic. 

Aboard Le Boreal, sail along western Greenland with its colorful homes and monumental icebergs, then cross the Labrador Sea to Northern Canada and the entrance of the Northwest Passage. In Gjoa Haven, discover the wintering site of the expedition Amundsen undertook between 1903 and 1906. Like him, get to know the Inuit people who perpetuate their ancestral traditions in the heart of grandiose nature. On Beechey Island, retrace the steps of the Franklin expedition, before marveling at the sublime canyon at Fury Beach. Throughout the trip, enter majestic fjords and sail at the edge of the ice floes, in the hope of glimpsing the polar bear, bowhead whales and grey whales.

In 2023, an additional two days allows for more exploring, with stops farther west. In 2024, fewer visits are made resulting in a slightly shorter itinerary. Both years offer their own unique visits, and a similar mix of culture, wildlife, ice and awe.

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